Imagine a world where people from different cultures bring their knowledge and experiences together to make the world a better place.

To address today’s global challenges, such as global warming and loss of biodiversity, we need to collaborate and share knowledge and experience.

My mission is facilitating intercultural exchange for good.

Thanks to my scientific and multicultural background, I help food businesses guide their customers in making their sustainable food choices, by combining scientific insights and cultural understanding.

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My Values

How I Work

*Respecting Biodiversity and Cultural Diversity

*Facilitating Interclutural Collaboration

*Promoting Environmental Consciousness

*Creating Content for Actionable Messages

*Looking at problems from different points of view

*Knowing that there is always light at the end of the tunnel


What I Do

My mission is facilitating intercultural exchange for good by:

  • Inspiring people, so that they will make sustainable food choices protecting their health and the planet
  • Connecting people, so that they will collaborate and make a difference

To do so, based on my knowledge and experience, I promote intercultural collaboration by sharing cultural insights on France, Italy, China, and the world.

My specialties

  • Public speaking about sustainable plant-based diets, sharing insights on biological and cultural diversity
  • Creating content on food and sustainable living for websites and social media
  • Providing insights on the French, Italian, and Chinese cultures, to help you understand the local food & drinks habits and trends
  • Connecting with local experts and key opinion leaders (KOLs) for product innovation and communication campaigns

Thanks to my scientific background, I also help you with scientific monitoring, bibliographic synthesis, and guidelines.

Want to learn more? Here are some examples on how I can help you:

  • Sharing knowledge on the global food and nutrition trends and specifically on the Italian, French, and Chinese markets
  • Connecting with potential customers and partners
  • Conducting projects involving Italian, French, and Chinese speaking countries
  • Developing recommendations based on regulatory environment and consumer demand
  • Networking: creating and maintaining professional networks
  • Experts & KOLs engagement
  • Public Relations and ePR
  • Setting up collaborations
  • Web edition and copywriting
  • Coordination of multi-actor websites
  • Day-to-day coordination of social media channels
  • Creation and/or coordination of multiple types of content (multimedia content, infographics)
  • Setting up and execution of the editorial calendar

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Recent projects

Food Companies

Online media and experts’ audits on major nutrition food trends and consumers’ behaviors (among others, Danone, Nestlé, and Kellogg’s). Networking with key opinion leaders in France, Spain, Italy, and UK. Strategic support for communication campaigns.

Guidelines – development and implementation of guidelines to support health claims.

Coordination of a multi-actors website (i.e. European research project).

Sustainable Lifestyle

Day by day Plants – I am the Founder of Day by day Plants, a blog sharing plant-based ways to reach a more sustainable lifestyle. I believe that food is a way to reconnecting with nature. The first step is reconnecting to the place where we live, from the local seasonal produce, traditional uses, culture, and savoir-faire. Then, getting inspiration from other cultures, and learning new sustainable ways to prepare tasty and healthy food. Finally, exchanging experiences and collaborating. I have designed and created this blog using WordPress. As seen in the Sustainable Development section of Hôtellerie-Restauration – Académie de Versailles of the French Ministry of National Education and Youth.

Sustainable Tourism

Yidalizhixin – Yidalizhixin is the blog I created on the occasion of the Business Visit organized by the Region of Umbria, Italy, for the touristic and cultural promotion of the region. Umbria is known as the Green Heart of Italy, so I called the blog Yidalizhixin (意大利之心), meaning “the heart of Italy”. The aim of this project was to introduce the region to the Chinese people living abroad and wanting to have an authentic experience of the Italian culture, savoir-faire, and nature. Through this blog, I offered a translation service to local small and medium-sized enterprises. Among them, NUN Assisi Relais & SPA MuseumRocco Ragni Cachemire, and Sapere Food Magazine. 

Website UX – User Experience

UX Audit of Ipsos corporate website for the purpose of consolidating it. My mission was to analyze all the web pages, internal and external links, pointing out all the improvements necessary for optimal navigation of the site.

Why working with me

Thanks to my scientific and multicultural background, I combine scientific insights and cultural understanding. My approach is agile, multicultural, competitive, and unique.


I adapt to your changing needs because you want to respond quickly to consumers ‘demand. I have a flexible structure and methodology. I am ready to meet your needs.


Cultural diversity is key to innovation. My international network and I will guide you through the process of designing products and communication campaigns taking into account local perceptions.


My approach helps you saving time and money.

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Supporting the United Nationas Global Goals for Sustainable Development

With my action, I embrace the Global Goals for Sustainable Development set by the United Nations for 2030, and specifically to the following three of the seventeen:

#3 Good Health and Well-Being for People
#12 Responsible Consumption and Production
#17 Partnerships for the Goals

Valentina Curzi supports the Sustainable Development Goals

Also, through Day by Day Plants blog, I support the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables 2021 launched by the United Nations, with the objective of raising awareness of the health benefits of fruits and vegetables.

What they say about me

“Valentina is a great professional and a great person.”

Her intuition and open-minded nature allow her to integrate into multicultural environments, understand and cope with complex issues. She is highly reliable, creative and I really enjoyed working with her.

Gabriella Colletti – Director at Mazar Change Design & Communications

“She is always willing to go the extra mile to deliver a great product.”

I have been working with Valentina for the last year and half on several international projects in nutrition, health and wellness for some of our clients. It has been always a pleasure to work with her. 

Jose Cubillos– Global Director at FoodMinds LLC

I used to know Valentina as she was a young communication manager and have noticed from then her dynamism, determination and committment. I followed her how our careers evolved and our paths crossed each other several times. These early qualities have developed and have been enriched with a more diverse and trans-cultural experience. 

Véronique BRAESCO – VAB Nutrition

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