My Values

My actions, both professionally and in my personal life, are always guided by my values. Here is a list, not exhaustive, of my values for you to learn more about me.

My top four values are Respect, Collaboration, Environmental Consciousness, and Creativity.

Learning, Sharing Knowledge, and Optimisme are also important values in the way I live and work.

My Core Values


To me, respect is the foundation of all the other values.  Respecting biodiversity and respecting cultural diversity both mean being open to life. Respecting the ideas and the points of view of other people is essential for a constructive dialogue.

Environmental Consciousness

Today, more than ever, we need to understand the relations between us the natural world around us and act responsibly. We need to help other people be aware of the consequences of their choices, through education on biodiversity and sustainability. 


I am a lifelong learner. New challenges are an opportunity to understand and grow. I believe that learning keeps us active and open to understanding the world around us, which continually changes. Because life is change. 


I believe that collaboration is the key to going forward. We need to collaborate and exchange experiences with other people to understand complex issues, make a positive impact, and grow.


Creativity helps us to find original ways to get a message across. From storytelling to infographics and videos, creativity has no limits. 

Sharing knowledge

Sharing knowledge is crucial for transforming behaviors. Together with learning, sharing knowledge is my passion. 


Optimism is what makes us believe that we can make it, even if it will not be easy, even if there will be obstacles. As Nelson Mandela once said: “It always seems impossible, until it’s done”.

Published by Valentina

Hi, I’m Valentina. I'm a Communication Strategy Consultant for food businesses. My mission is facilitating communication for sustainable development through digital services and intercultural connections. I also run "Day by day Plants" blog where I share my passion for plant-based food.